Let signing become a ceremonial act.

Of all possibilities to conclude a personal peace treaty with someone, the direct contact is naturally the best. The signing of the treaty may even be arranged as a small ceremonial act. For special treaties - for example between orchestras, schools, institutions or well-known personalities - considerations to invite the press should be made. If direct contact is not possible the treaties shall be signed and then sent to the other partners who also sign and send them back while keeping a copy.

Who shall be my personal treaty-partner?

Do you want to sign a treaty with two or more other persons? There are so many possibilities to find them: people with different religions or of different nationality in your area, colleagues, neighbours, business-partners, people with the same hobby, people in other quarters, other cities, other countries. You can find them in cafés, on the internet, through friends, during your holidays, in so many ways. Just try!

Choose a Peace Treaty in the languages you need.

  • English
  • Arabic / English
  • Hebrew / Arabic / English
  • Urdu / English
  • Hindi / Urdu / English
  • Serbian / Albanian
  • Serbo-Croatian

  • You need Acrobat Reader!

    To download & print the Personal Peace Treaties you need the Acrobat Reader. If it is not installed on your computer, please download it here.


    Other languages?

    For languages which are not available yet, please choose the English version. More languages will follow soon.

    Ten or a hundred and more people can sign one single treaty!

    Scientists on an international congress, members of a multicultural theatre-group, children in an international school: each group like this can sign a huge treaty. The treaty has only to be blown up to generate place for the signatures. Don't forget to invite the press!

    Treaties between groups are super efficient!

    Sports teams, orchestras, theatre ensembles, dancing companies, universities, schools, veteran-clubs, scouts, families, rock bands, neighbourhood-initiatives, NGOs, associations, business companies, whole villages - nobody can think of all the combinations of people who could participate in this movement. And then just imagine if most of the group-members also have treaties with other people, who belong to other groups, who also have treaties with other groups etc. etc. Who could ever untwine such a peace net!

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